Getting Married in Las Vegas

When most people first think of getting married in Las Vegas they probably think about the priest dressed up as Elvis and tying the knot after a drunk weekend of fun.  But it isn’t like that.  Sure there are bound to be some mishaps in a city like Las Vegas where there are drive thru wedding chappels, but they are not the norm.

Las Vegas can be the best place to get married if you know what you are doing – what chappel to use, where to hold the reception party, who to cater the food, where to hold the pre-wedding dinner, where to stay for the bride and groom as well as family and friends, where to have bachelor and bachelorette parties, and even how to extend your stay into a Las Vegas honeymoon.  But you can’t plan all that by yourself, you need help.  That is where the Wedding Visitors Guide to Las Vegas comes in.  This Guide tells you all that you need to know about having your wedding in the wonderful city of Las Vegas, Nevada.

One reason that Las Vegas is such a great place to get married is because you are guaranteed that most of the guest list will attend.  Who doesn’t want an excuse to take a Las Vegas vacation?  And if you book ahead you can get bulk room rates at certain hotels.  You can even get further discounts if you and everybody else stay at the same hotel where you will have your wedding and reception as well.  And just makes it that much easier for everyone – instead of having a ton of places to go for the hotel, dinner, wedding, reception, etc. and trying to get a taxi or drive a rental car to and from each place you can do it all in one resort hotel.  And with so many chapels to choose from there is bound to be one that fits your exact needs.  So before you decide on your wedding location, check out what Las Vegas has to offer.